For those who come to Cuonc Cuonc there is always a brief explanation that introduces what we are and what we do. At the end of this, probably, between a taste of our jam (which should speak much more than us) and an eye to the eye, we entered our mood.

But for those who want to know it in advance, for hours we make this little digression so that a part of us can also arrive electronically.

The company takes its name from the desire of a loved one who no longer exists, originally from Naples, to one day see that name on a business located on the same path. Our choice comes from this desire and from that of another loved one who, with his magic, sowed all his wisdom years before in the heart of a young nephew. And so Cuonc Cuonc was born. But between magic and tradition comes the Pandemic that makes our name a real need. To the point that stopping and enjoying the view, in a unique historical moment, can be a concrete reality. Cuonc cuonc becomes welcome, becomes home, becomes a way of living and feeling. First of all in ourselves. At that point the name, with all its history, is as if by fate in the right place, at the right time.

Those who come to us must go “cuonc cuonc”, because enjoying what nature offers is our greatest purpose.