Our history has deeper roots than the actual start of the business which took place on 18 September 2019.
These are previous events that led to the realization of a small dream on the part of a family that has always lived in the way it then intends to shape its work.
This is because passion is something intrinsic in the person that pushes them to live respecting it and making it a reality. Ours has always consisted of a cultivation albeit minimal, both carrying out a different job, and an even more minimal family production that went to decorate the tables during the holidays and that allowed lunch or dinner every day. With the birth of our two children and the need to make them eat something healthy and above all controlled, the production was transported into something that was at the service of all.
Our new family so supported by the ideas and immense work of the one that already surrounded us (our parents in fact) gave birth to this reality in which affection and complicity are the masters.
And so, after a bit of work, the Cuonc Cuonc farm was born whose purpose is to give those who are looking for this type of passion in their homes, but do not have the time or space, the opportunity not to give it up.
As was once done by our grandparents and their ancestors even before.
All related to our sight, our smells and the sensations of a break after \ during a wellness fireplace in a different reality.