Our location, whose hope expresses the desire to make you feel at home, is developed in several points.
After the last stairs that lead you to the entrance of the company, there is the laboratory that also serves as a shop. Here it is possible to find exhibited and on sale all that we are producing at the same moment in which you came to visit us. Despite the not excessive space, we hope to show, with our colors and our production, the work we are honored to hand down. Immediately after there is the panoramic terrace to allow your pleasant stop while admiring the underlying town of Minori. Behind this stands our property which includes numerous terraces that can be visited in addition. In these, as for the products, the rule of seasonality applies. Depending on the period in which you arrive, you can observe the growing crops or those ready. The more you go up to discover these, the more you discover a panorama, not our merit, that fills your eyes and soul.
Halfway along the route, the area intended for camping.